Find lifelong friends

Sixth Form is a time for you to learn more about who you are and how you fit into the world, with good friendships and overall wellbeing playing an important role.

We are proud of the warm, inclusive and fun environment that we have with all of our Sixth Form cohorts. Whilst we will always encourage it, Sixth Form activities outside of the classroom tend to be peer driven, creating a greater sense of community, inclusivity and family. Student led activities include sporting tournaments, bake sales, fundraising days, BBQs, and beach cleaning.

These activities are vital to our students wellbeing; learning how to relax throughout stressful periods is an important life skill.

We support our students wellbeing with:

  • Access to a gym

  • Sporting activities

  • Counselling

  • Staff communication

  • Open door policy

  • Student support room

  • Quite spaces

  • Interest modules, e.g. cooking for uni, art, chess, yoga, badminton

  • Activities to relax e.g. baking

  • Student BBQ's

  • Team leading and resilience training with the Army.